House Cleaning In Campton & Waterville Estates, NH
Welcome to House Cleaning For You residential house cleaning services. Offering a wide range of cleaning services-  residential, vacation rental turnovers, move out and pre-sale cleans and more. Services are available on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. Short, medium and long term arrangements are available depending on your requirements and needs. So, if you've got dust...just call us!! Because we know you have better things to do!

Currently serving the Plymouth, Campton, Waterville Estates, Thornton, Waterville Valley and Lincoln areas of New Hampshire. In addition to house cleaning services, we provide landscaping and snowplowing services through our partner site Evergreen Acres Landscaping.

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got dust?
Did You Know?

John Thurman started a horse drawn (door to door service) vacuum system in St. Louis, similiar to Booth's. His vacuuming services were priced at $4 per visit  in 1903. He invented his gasoline powered vacuum cleaner, in 1899 and some historians consider it the first motorized vacuum cleaner. Thurman's machine was patented on October 3, 1899 (patent #634,042).
Has this happened to you? 

"O, the dust bunnies have taken the Cleaning Fairy hostage
and Mr. Clean quit on me after the Scrubbing Bubbles accidentally
drowned Snuggles in the bathtub!"

If so, call or text NOW to 603-726-0503 to schedule your cleaning!
Now using "green" antibacterial products whenever possible.